Indian Food

Non Vegetarian
Butter Chicken
Mango Chicken
Chicken Tikka Masala
Lamb Roganjosh
Beef Vindaloo
Chicken Korma
Shahi Paneer
Vegetable Korma
Dal Makhani
Chana Masala
Butter Naan $2.50
Butter & Garlic Naan $3.50
Vegetarian Samosa 1 for $3.5, 2 for $6
Lamb Samosa $4 each
Onion Bhaji (2 Pieces) $4.00
Steamy Idlies & Crispy Vadas
Steam Idli (2 pcs) Steam cooked rice and lentil soft cakes
Medu Vada (4 pcs) Deep fried salty Indian donut made from lentil & seasoned with Indian spices
Sambar Vada (4 pcs) Lentil donut dipped in lentil soup containing fine carrots, garnished with coriander leaves

** Idli & Vadas served with chutney made from coconut, Peanuts & Ginger with yoghurt base

Plain Dosa (Plain, thin and crispy crepe served with veg lentil soup & coconut chutney)
Masala (Crispy, plain crepe stuffed with curried & tempered mashed potatoes)
Garlic Dosa (Plain, thin crepe coated with tomato ketchup & mint chutney)
Garlic Roast Dosa (Triangle shaped crispy crepe coated with garlic flavoured chilli paste)
Garlic Roast Dosa with Cheese (Garlic Roast dosa topped with grated cheese)
Onion Dosa with Cheese (Plain, thin crepe topped with Onion and cheese)
Paneer Dosa
Chicken Dosa